Dawnie surf

There’s no denying a dawnie is one (of possibly two!) of the best ways to start the day. It’s that time of year again…the days are longer than they have been since we can remember, and longer daylight hours are there to be made the most of.

For us coastal-dwellers this means rocking up to work with salty eyebrows and a massive smile slapped on our face. Jammy indeed. For the landlocked amongst you, this means crack-of-dawn caffeine-fuelled road trips in the hope of scoring a gem or two.

Regardless of how much of a mission it is to get your toes wet, here are a few ways to make it a little easier on yourself…

Our top 5 tips:

  1. Ditch the iphone the night before. Stop scrolling. That bright screen is glaring at you, taking your mind away from where it wants to be (asleep, dreaming of endless perfect waves) and instead is being tortured by shiny insta-world. Let your sleepy head sleep.
  2. Wake up cheering. Leaving your phone alarm on the other side of the room from your cosy pit will ensure you spring out of it to stop that horrendous noise. Stick the kettle on, brush your teeth and have a stretch. Now you can congratulate yourself, the worst part’s over!
  3. Pack the car/van the night before. This may seem like a no-brainer but fumbling around in the dark, still half asleep, looking for a left bootie isn’t fun for anyone. Especially when your mates are all hassling you because they’re ready to go. No one wants to be that guy/girl. Preparation is a key step to mastering dawnie ninja warrior status!
  4. Wear a watch. To maximise your time in the water and save yourself endless stress. No brainer.
  5. Bring some food. No matter how prepared you think you are, chances are you’re probably going to end up running late. This is the perfect time to indulge in the breakfast of champions…the pasty!

We’ll see you down the beach nice and early….. 

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