Surfboard and Wetsuit Hire

We understand the local surf breaks, tides and currents well and will always ensure that you hire the appropriate equipment (including no equipment if it is not in your best interest) and will brief you on the general conditions with an update for the day as well as beach and surf safety.

“Thanks for providing all the right facilities for a great surfing weekend”

We have a full selection of sizes of new wet suits, gloves, boots and hoods. As well as  Body Boards, BIC G “soft top” Boards and EComp epoxy boards in a range of sizes and styles. All our equipment is fully maintained and replaced if it’s getting tired.

Competitive prices for surfboard & wetsuit hire

4 hour rental 24 hour rental
Wetsuits £8 £12
Softboards £8 £12
Hardboards £10 £15
Bodyboards £6 £10

Special post lesson Hire: £10 Board & Wetsuit 

Please ask us about pre-booking wetsuits and surfboards for your next trip to Croyde.

For your safety, please read the beach and surf safety guidelines produced by the RNLI.


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